Story Of A Hero


Everyone seems to be so excited about celebrating their fathers on Father's Day. 
I feel wronged somehow since I don't get the chance to celebrate it at home with my family since I'm still stuck here with the final battle: final exam. I didn't even get the chance to celebrate Mother's Day too. 

While everyone keeps posting their dad's pictures and wishes on facebook, instagram and twitter, 
well I didn't do the same thing since my abah is not an IT type of guy who goes for social networks. 
So he wouldn't read the status or wishes that I post. So, all I did was call and text my parents and doa-ing them for the best. 

Well whilst everyone thinks that their father is the best, the greatest and the most handsome guy in the world;
I think the same thing about my abah too. 
And here is a story of my hero. 

My abah, Nasharuddin Mohamad Nor. A teacher, a philosopher, a friend, a guide all moulded into one person. When we were young (my siblings and I), abah would not give us too many rules to follow. In fact, there was no rules at all. Just behave well, score in your studies, and eat well was more than enough for him. 
But he was really strict about our social life. You know back then when there was no cell phones or ipads or even internet in the old days for a 9 years old girl like me. So, we tended to play around and mixed with a lot of people and friends. We loved to play along and sometimes slept over my friends house for fun. It was fun! Sometimes that I went overboard that I secretly went to slept over party in my friend's house without telling him first; that was when he went mad. He was not mad literally, he was just freaked out that his little daughter suddenly lost out of nowhere to be found. My mistake though. Lolololl. Kids. And when we were kids, he liked to stay with us, spent more time with us and played along rather than 'berkepit' with my umi. 
All of his attention were for us and he was trying really hard to get the best for his children. Well, even I was still a small brainless kid at that time, I could still see the sacrifices that he made for us though. 
Remember as the saying goes 'If you treat a kid well, he will remember you forever'
And so did us! 
Sis and abah :)

But now that all of his princesses are grown up, he tends to leave his daughters with the life on our own ways.
It's not that he leaves us completely, he leads us though and gives us advice somehow. But he seems very less protective and controlling since we're all big now, he assumes that we can think better and discover our own potentials as he guided us through all those times. Now, he gets more time to be spent with my umi. And we just let them having fun going on a trip and holidays, alone, just both of them. 
How sweet isn't it? And FYI, he's in his 50's now. 

Now I see and understand that why abah can be soooo protective in our young days. Recalling back all the stupid things I've done before, certainly a protective father is needed! A strongly protective one! 
We siblings, used to grumbled and mumbled all the time with his nags and stuffs but now, we're kind of missing some of it somehow. Fuuuhh! There it goes, the story of my hero. 
Each of us has different story to be told and I'm sure that yours are awesome too! 
Basically all of us have a great father and the award for the best hero goes to...............
not either Superman, nor Ironman or The Hulk! But goes to........

For those who still have their parents, it's a blessing. Indeed! 
Cherish them always. Notice that as we're growing up, they're also growing older. 

And for those who lost your parents, 
Keep doa-ing and praying for them. May Allah bestow His mercy upon them as they cherished you in your childhood. 

Last but not least, :)


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