New Chapter


Alhamdulillah, Sya'ban is here. It means that we're just a month away from Ramadan, the month of barakah. How excited isn't it? 
Sya'ban, the month of Allah S.W.T.
The month where our 'book of practices' is closed, sent to Allah, and replaced with a new one. 
The month where our new chapter of life begins. 
For me, it is going to be a new chapter of my life's book as well since I'd be finishing my second year in less than 2 weeks and indirectly facing the last year of my degree studies in the university. How time flies huh? So fast like a Superman does. Flying here and there saving the world from evil forces. 

We only have about a year time to cherish each other. After that everyone will goes on their own way. Hope this friendship of ours remains till jannah. Insyaallah. 

The time also flies sooo fast too that I kept missing seeing my sisters and bro growing up. 
Missing all the changes in the house... Missing all the big events in my family. I even missed my sister's engagement party. The important day of her life and I wasn't there as a sister? How bad it could be. I feel so devastated and frustrated. Being here far away from home, struggling each day for a degree. It is a sacrifice. Indeed! But that's how life is. Don't worry we'll get the rewards afterwards soon. However, it is an old chapter of my life. Now it is Sya'ban guys! It's time for us to get a new book to write! 


Yeah. Since it's the end of the semester, we're kind of preoccupied with the final exams and not forgotten, the crucial final year project which starts earlier than I thought it would be. Imagine that I have to sample my insects, staying far away from house for weeks and gettin' all the jobs done in Ramadan. I sighed at first, but Astaghfirullahalazim... Ramadan is not the excuses to be lazy ait? 
Besides, it's already a blessing for me that I can celebrate Ramadan together with my family this time.  
So let's try to 'warm up' our body a little bit for Ramadan by fasting in Sya'ban! 

So, in short, let us all clean ourselves by first: ask forgiveness to those we've been wrong and forgive those who've wronged us. Second, istiqamah in our ibadah. Third, stop back biting one another. Forth, be sincere in our ibadah and in whatever we do in our daily lives, and fifth, show compassion towards others regardless of whom they are. :) 
Hope your Sya'ban filled with great good things and joy and may Allah allows us to witness Ramadan. 
And for those who's facing the final exam; best of luck and do your best!  


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