Body, Heart, Mind and Soul


Almost every single day we heard people complaining about something or someone. Well, the students complain about the assignments, the customer complains about the seller, the subordinate complains about the manager and public complains about system failures to name a few. 
Whilst everyone probably be right about their opinions or perspectives about the 'pollution' in the society, but do we ever think that whether our own hearts are squeaky clean, or contaminated? 
In our daily routine life, do we forget our brawls and arguments or we keep the grudges for long term?
Do we punish if the people commit some mistakes? Do we deceive others whenever we find a chance to do so? 
If yes, then why bother to complain about others??

If we do not have such power to forgive others, if we don't have the flexibility to respect someone's point of view, if we are not clean from inside then what's the point in complaining about others? 
We must bear in mind that society comprises of individuals and every one of us is equally representing the society. If we at the individual level and are not genuine souls neither we try to become one, then it is useless to complain about society. 

So now is the time to sweep before our own door and kill all the germs of our character such as criticizing, complaining, blaming, leg pulling, back biting, spying, humiliation and jealousy. It is the time to put our hands together to align our bodies, minds, and souls. Once we clean ourselves with the soap of spirituality, self-audit and conscience, we will be more concerned about our own mistakes and flaws instead of being argumentative and reactive about others. :)

We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for the society
-Hillary Clinton-


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