A New Beginning?


New year. Twenty thirteen. 
What is so new about today except the change in the calender? I am still the same. I didn't turn into a zombie. My eyes didn't change colour. My hair's still pitch black. My feet is still size 5 and my moles didn't seem to move to another place. The people around me are still the same. The environment and air are also the same. No change. *except the change in my age  =_=''*

But, it's not about a new year. 
It is not about after the clock struck 12 am in the morning everything is going to change.-The people who hates me started to like and adore me or my dead cat is coming back alive. My bad memories didn't wash away. And I still don't get what I wished for. 

The question is, what is the 'new' about this new year then? 

Mmmmm.....Things are still wrong somehow. *muka cemuh*

Well, back to your senses guys!
New year doesn't promise to fill you with happiness. It all depends on you. Logically, a calender promises us a new year and not a new beginning. It all depends on you on how you define your new year. So why not take this as an excuse to start things afresh? 

Repair the things that didn't work out well in the past. Mend the silly mistakes that you've done before.
Start anew and make this year big!
Focus on one thing at a time and mend it. 
Imagine that this new year is like an unspoiled page in your book where you can write or draw your life the way you wanted. 
So if this year passed by soon and remember the efforts you have made and the goals you have reached, you can proudly say "I wrote my 2013 book very well." :)