Your Skin Do's & Don'ts


Well, here's a story..
My friends have been asking me lately what do I do to get healthy and supple skin. 
It's not that my skin is perfect or flawless but Alhamdulillah, I'm very lucky that my skin doesn't make any terrible chaos or problems on my face. Hip hip hooray!!

So let get this started. 
These are the daily regimens that I do. Nonetheless am not sure whether it'll work with you guys, but I hope they do! 


1) Clean your face!
Okay, first of all is you need to clean your face at least twice a day. If you have oily skin, trice would be great. And warning! Always, I repeat, always clean your face before you go to bed! This is vital in making sure that your face is free from dirts and make ups and prevent pores blockage that can lead to black/whiteheads and pimples! 

2) Moisturise your skin. 
Alright, after you wash your face and going to bed, apply some moisturiser onto your skin. Well, moisturiser basically helps to moisten up your skin and preventing it from dehydration and  peeling. I have a normal skin type but it tends to be a lil' bit dry in a fully air-conditioned room especially in the lecture halls and I hate drinking plenty of plain water so, moisturiser is my solution! Moisturiser comes in variety forms such as cream based, oil based or water based. But if you have oily prone skin, do avoid using oil based and cream based moisturiser since it'll make your skin more oily. Yucks! For me, I prefer the water based one since it absorbs easily into my skin. Then, after applying the moisturiser, now you're ready to sleep like a baby and wake up with a supple moist skin! :D Ahaks! *gelak gedik*

3) Aaaackk! Sunblock!
This is a must! Before you step outside of your house, do put on some sunscreen or sunblock! 
This will prevent your skin from ageing and darken. Who wants their skin to be darken ait? A big no for me for sure! 

Well, I've been using this product and it is highly recommended for you girls! 
It is Mentholetum Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock. It is water and sweat proof I tell yah! 
And amazingly what I love about this product, this thing doesn't greasy or oily at all!! 
Even if you sweat a lot or wash your face with water, it still doesn't have the greasy sensation. 
Besides, it is anti-ageing and have intense hydration with spf 80+++.
So it is a customer-friendly product. Well, it cost me quite a lot about RM40++ but it sure worth it! I've been using it every single day since last September and still got a half bottle of it! Very super jimat! 

4) Mask it on!
If you want an extra treat to your skin, why not mask it on! 
I usually do this once a week at home but here in UMT where I'm very preoccupied with tons of works and assignments, I tend to do it once in a blue moon. *sigh~

I've been using this product and it is great! It is Tony Moly Tomatox face mask. It is a product from Korea and a lot of people have been using it as well. 
It helps to brighten up my skin, supple it and make my skin impurities fader. 
It comes in a super duper cute tomato-shaped container and it has a spoon provided as well so you no need to scoop it by using your hands. Very hygienic I tell you ah! It's quite affordable and costs me around RM39.

So, whenever I is pokai and dead broke, I just buy this little packs! 3 for RM10. Murah kan? You can purchase this product here.

5) Scrub it!
Yes! Scrub it! Scrubs help to peel off your dead skin and dirty dirts which are stucked to your pores. But please do not overdo it since it may makes your skin dry. So, twice a week would be great! And here's a smart tip. If you run out of scrubs or you want to jimat, you can just rembat the tea bag and take out the hampas and then rub it all over your face! Easy, cheap, and importantly, it works!!! 

Been using this product since I was 18 and it never disappoints me. :)


1) Sleep with your make-ups on!
NO! NO! NO! Even if you're lazy as a sloth, you need to wash your face girls! Nak cantek tak boleh malas-malas maa.. Kang nanti naik jerawat batu seketul baru tau! :P

2) Be hygienic!
Do not touch your skin with your dirty hands. It is a big no! And please, do not touch your skin after touching your hair too. The dirts and oils on your hair will make your skin dirty and leads to blocked and clogged pores and then....Blackheads!!!! Aaaackkk! *seram!*

3) Make ups?
Do not wear too much make ups on your face. Your face need to breathe too girls. =_=

4) Don't pop your pimples!
Please...Avoid this. I know this can be very hard, but it will just make your skin terrible. Picking your zits can cause scarring. So keep your fingers away from your face woman! 

So, there you go. I hope these useful for you guys. And please tell me if it works well with you too! :D 

*Hikhoks! Self portrait perasan nak mampos. Sila lempang saya laju-laju* =__=''



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