The 'WOW' Effect


A few weeks back then in KB, I was walking around in Wakaf Che Yeh in a mission searching for le new cheap outfits. 
Then, I dropped by in this one store, scanning my eyes through the beautiful batiks. 
Near me, I saw this one little girl asking her father to buy her a  helium balloon. 
She chose the one that has Dora and Boots picture in it. 
When the Pak Cik who sold the balloons gave it to the little girl, the girl slipped the balloon from her hands and the balloon flew up away to the sky. 

Watching those, I almost dropped the batik that I hold in my hands and yelled: "Oh no!!! Sayangnyaa...!" *jawdropped*

But surprisingly, instead of crying and screaming, the girl happily shouted "Wowww...!" and jumping gleefully. 

Then, something just hit me hard in my head. That girl really taught me something. 

A few days after that, I opened the UMT MyLearn web portal to check if there any new announcement or something important. Then, I found out that there are tons of new assignments waiting for me after the mid sem break. I felt like responding with "Oh no!Cinabeng! Assignments lagi dan lagi" sambil buat muka cemuh. 

Oh nooo...Assignments... =.=''

But then, I remembered the girl in Wakaf Che Yeh before, and I suddenly found myself saying "Wow! New assignments!" 

In life, there would be obstacles by obstacles in our ways. And there's no way to happiness but happiness is the way. Whether we make ourselves strong or miserable, whether we choose to be frustrated or fascinated, the amount of work is the same. It's up for you to choose. 

So, the next time you have a bad situation, remember to make it a "Wow" experience. 
A "Wow" will always beat a frustrated "Oh, no.."



luqman zakaria said...

nice entry lorh..salam kenal dari

Iylia Syazwanie said...

@luqman zakaria

Thanks Luqman. Salam kenal.:D