Student Talks

Student talk 1: Hana Tajima style.

Le boy 1: Yo man, cekidout! Cekidout! See that girl with the red shawl, why is she wearing the shawl that way? Messy and such a weirdo! *sambil tunding jari kat budak pempuan pakai tudung ala Hana Tajima*
Le boy 2: I don't know lah man! Maybe she lost her pin. Hahahahahhaa!!! *evil laugh sambil buat hi five*

Naseb baik i ols pakai shawl ala Hanah Tejemah, bukan Hana Tajima. Fuhh! *lap peloh!*

Student talk 2: Test marks.

Le friend: Yo, Iylia. How much did you get for test one? Me is 36/45 only ah.
Le me: Yo. Mine is just 38 maa..Very the little one lah.
Le friend: Wah. That's so clever of you ah..
Le me: No maa..You are cleverer lah! *sambil tepuk-tepuk bahu member*
Le friend: Sis, how 'bout you? (asking the senior in the same class)
Le senior: I got so-so lah.. Sikit ja ma. The juniors are cleverer than us. Aah, this is so humiliating. Oke lah u ols, I ols need to go to the toilet. *berlalu pergi dengan lajunya*

Student talk 3: Bloated face.

Le friend: Woit Iylia! How come is your face is so bloated in the morning ah? Macam kena rebus saja. At what time did you sleep last night?
Le me: Oh.. I didn't sleep at all lah last night.
Le friend: Whoa!! What did you do? Studying eh? So rajin of you ah! *muka tak percaya*
Le me: No lah, I watched Running Man last night. 3 episodes in a row maa. Hahaha.. So funny!! You know that Jae Suk and Kwang Soo were blah..blah..blah..and blah..blahh.. *cerita sampai keluar hingus hijau*
Le friend: =.=''

Muka bengkak kena rebus.

Student talk 4: The ocean. 

Le sister: Kak, since you're a bio student ah, can you explain to me why the ocean is blue in colour?
Le me: It's easy lah! Piece of cake! It's blue in colour because the God wants it to be blue lah! Aiyo! *BA DUM TSS!*
Le sister: You bloody coconut! =.=''

Bergambar dekat ocean after giving an epic answer. 

Student talk 5: Class attendance.

Le lecturer: Joyah binti Mamat?
Le Joyah: Present mam!
Le lecturer: Melah binti Seman?
Le Melah: Here! Present mam!
Le lecturer: Iylia Syazwanie Nasharuddin?
*krik..krik..bunyi cengkerik*
Le lecturer: Iylia?? Where are you?
Le student: She's absent mam!
Le lecturer: Then who signed this attendance for her? Ghost?
*krik..krik..bunyi cengkerik lagi*

Student talk 6: Assignments.

Le me: Weh, did you finished your assignments ah?
Le friend: Op kos laah...
Le me: Can I borrow it?
Le friend: You want to copy eh??
Le me: Errr...Hehehe..Well~
Le friend: I'll give it to you tomorrow ah. I forgot to copy this one answer from Melah yesterday.
Le me: Where did Melah get the answer?
Le friend: She copied from Minah.
Le me: And where did Minah get the answer?
Le friend: From Joyah I think.
Le me: God! What a food chain. =.=''

Student talk 7: Stupid doctor.

Le friend: I had terrible headache and stomach ache last night. In a nutshell, everything is aching lah! Aduiii..
Le me: Did you go to the PKU (Pusat Kesihatan Universiti)
Le friend: I did lah! And you know what the doctor gave me ah?
Le me: What?
Le friend: The stupid doctor just gave me a panadol and vitamin C.
Le me: Man! That was horrible. Then what did you do?
Le friend: Ahh..pershaitonkan semua ituh! I just want the stupid MC anyway.
Le me: =.=''

Yes! That's us. Student do talks. And that were SOME of our conversations.


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hahahah,, lawak gile!!! yang last sekali tu paling epic,, nak mc,, kih3