Hard Farewell...

I went to the wet market on a mission of finding the ingredients for my umi's recipe.
That was the first time I saw you. Yes, YOU!
Hiding under the butcher's table in silence, gazing at me in bewilderment with your big brown eyes.
Your golden fur was coated with the dirts and mud. I stared at you back.
Then I got this strange feeling. That was the time I decided to bring you home.
My umi and I brought you home. We fed you, we cleaned you, and combed your fur.
You were very thin and very quiet back then. And shy too.
I named you Gary, because you liked Spongebob very much I assumed.
But my umi named you Marcello, maybe because she's a fan of the handsome Aidid Marcello.
So to be fair, we finally came up with this name: Gary Marcello- Our new family member!

You do love Spongebob ain't you Gary? :)


You started to show your true colours. Instead of being shy and quiet, you were very active!
You loved to jump from couch to couch.
You loved running around the house.
You loved to play with your paper ball.
You loved us and we love you.
You enjoyed eating steamed fish and hated Whiskers that you rather being starving than eating it.
You loved to watch Cat 911 in Animal Planet soo much.

You loved to play with umi's brand new carpet.

You loved to make silly and goofy faces which I adore a lot! 

You enjoyed ripping off umi's couch with your tiny nails. 

You loved it when your brother Naqib played PSP don't ya?

You would hide under the table every time umi mad at you for biting her beloved curtains.

You even knew how to wink eh? Naughty Gary!

You would stand there in the kitchen, with your goofy face, waiting for us to fill up your plate with fresh delicious fish.

You loved to sleep a lot too sometimes.

You loved this comfy bed of yours!

And you knew how to make alluring pose too.. =.=''

Then, you were growing a lot. You're getting fatter and dapper. We've done a lot of great things together.
We even went for a ride with the car every weekend.
You would bite my feet everytime I sleep past 11 in the morning.
You would rub your body around my feet whenever I left you home alone.
You loved to sleep on my lap every night.
You loved to play with water too.

We even celebrated Raya together Gary.

Do you still remember this picture Gary? Umi and Abah chose to wear yellow during Raya to match up with your fur colour. Hahaha.

NOVEMBER 12, 2012

You went for an evening strolling as always.
Then you came back home a little bit late than the usual.
I was worried. Yes, I am!
Then, you came home walking slowly with another leg hurt.
It was like you had been beaten very hard by someone.
I tried to hold you but you won't let me.
Maybe because it hurts your leg when I touched you.
I was sad...

The next day you had fever. It was warm on your forehead.
You refused to eat and slept for the whole day.
I was worried Gary...

That night, you've gotten worse. You were sick. You were pale. You refused to eat and drink. Your voice was very husky. You kept lying on the bed all the time.
Again, I was worried. It was hurting me to see you in that state. Really.
Then we decided to take you to the vet on the next day.

Later that night, you were suddenly missing.
I kept waiting for you Gary. All night loooong!
It was 3 am and you were still missing.

NOVEMBER 13, 2012

I woke up dashing straight outside looking for you.
You weren't home.
I looked for you at your usual playground.
You weren't there too.
I kept looking for you and still couldn't find you.

Until that later noon...
I found you Gary!
You were there!
Under our neighbour's bonsai tree.
You were sleeping soundlessly.
Why were you not moving Gary?
Why you were so frozen?
I called your name and you didn't respond.
Why Gary?
I went closer and closer to you.
You were frozen. And cold.
You left us all Gary. All of us. For ever.

Then something warm came down to my cheeks.
Umi, and other siblings had teary crystal eyes.
We buried you at your playground.
And it suddenly rained as if the rain understood what we felt that time.
I was sad Gary... Really really sad...

We're gonna miss you a lot Gary.
Our family is not complete without you.
There's no more YOU which runs around the house.
There's no more YOU which wakes me up every morning.
There's no more YOU in our family.
All is left are your bed, your bantal busuk, your paper balls, your fallen furs on the carpet, your biting stain on the curtains, and..your Spongebob.

I don't know who have beat you that hard and I don't even want to know him- The most ruthless, irresponsible, cold-hearted human being. 

Gary, umi said that in case you come back, she won't be mad at you for scratching her couch, in fact you can scratch it as much as you want and you can bite her favourite curtains too. She won't scold you Gary.
But....still............ It will never happens ait? :(



Nurmujahidah Ismail said...

nak nangis baca entry ni,,, nape la orang tu jahat sangat??? apa la sangat kucing boleh buat.. sabar ye,, :'( http://mujadafewa.blogspot.com/2012/11/cinta-putus-sipi-sipi-jalan-part-1.html

Iylia Syazwanie said...

@Nurmujahidah Ismail

Kan? Tak paham kenapa manusia boleh jadi kejam sometimes. By the way, thanks dear. :')