Valuing Le' Remaining Days...

Dear Biodians, 
(Students Bachelor of Applied Science in Biodiversity Conservation and Management, UMT)
How time flies ait...?
It's already June..Yes, June!
The month where everything is crucial..
Le' exams...studies...books...
(*Did I already mention the exams??  Oh yeah I did!-buat muka cemuh sambil belek buku kenegaraan. =.='')

The month where we're close to the end..
The end of semester II of course... 
(3 minggu lagi terr! *sambil belek-belek kalendar dengan rakusnya.) 
We'll finally leaving UMT and being apart for several months time..
And next leaving the title of Junior and say hello to Senior, Akak, Abang and such...
(*Yay! Melompat-lompat kegembiraan macam kanak-kanak Sunquick Ribena.) 

But..The time we had together was awesome!
Valuing le' remaining days in UMT...
Makes this semester a special one!
Thank you guys!

Sincerely yang tulus lagi mulus,
Iylia busuk... 

P/s : I love the pain in my stomach when you guys make me laugh sooo hard!! :D

Best of  luck in your finals!
Microbiology, Ecology, Vertebrates, Genetics, and Malaysian Nationhood! 
Go wear your shoes and chase after your goals!!!
See you in finals..and see you in next semester! :'D

nota kaki : sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory :)

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