One Year Older...


Hello. Me name is Iylia. Me is a student. Me is a busy girl with a hectic lifestyle. Me have a cat named Gary and me is afraid of cockroaches. Me used to be 19, but yesterday 22nd Feb, when me woke up from bed, suddenly me was turned into 20. And guess wut? Me love it!!!!! :D

Who said that growing up can be very old and lame?
Dussshhh!! I will humban-humban you dalam parits!
For your information : It's fun!!!!

Now, I'm officialy 20 years old. It is incredibly fun and unbelievable that I've made it this far in life!-20 years I tell you..20 years!!!

I was bursting into tears yesterday, reading a short message that my beloved umi sent me :
Umi : Oh, my baby is a big girl now. It means your umi here is gettin' older....But who cares! You're still my little baby girl that I gave birth to 20 years ago. Happy Birthday sayang! :) 

You would not believe what life has to offer you when you're 20!
I can do soooooo maaany fun stuffs that I always want to!
I can dress like a lady..
I can stay up late until morning!
I can watch any movies in cinemas!!!
I can make my own decisions and change my mind again because nothing's permanent!
I'm also mature enough to have a boyfriend!! Wooooo~
Or..Maybe I also can get married!!!!! - Okay, I exaggerate it a little.

My lovely friends and roomates were throwing a big fun surprise parties for me last night, and also another one the other night before. I mean, two days in a row with surprise parties?? It was really awesome!!!

With my dearest roomates and friends whilst I'm eagerly slicing le' cake! :D

'Makan bersuap' session.

Le' roomates with le' cake! Aren't they adorable??!

Some of the lovely birthday card that I got!! :D

Thanks a lot for those who kindly wished me a happy birthday! That was awesome! Really really really appreciate that! Now, I'm 20, and I'm excited to be one! Hahahaha.. Well, age is not a partcularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough! :D

nota kaki : entry kali ni dalam inglish yu noe bekos cik iylia kena amek subjek public speaking semester ni.
 k bai!


Cheese Cake said...

the main point is marriage :D

Iylia Syazwanie Nasharuddin said...

@Cheese Cake

Ya! You're totally right! Hahahahah xD

Cheese Cake said...

hehhehe :D go and find your tulang rusuk eyhh ;)

Iylia Syazwanie Nasharuddin said...

@Cheese Cake

Hahaha..Definitely!!!! Tak sabar nak kawen. Wee.... :DD *gedik nak mampos. =.='